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Thursday, September 11, 2014


TL;DR: Gonna move to a new blog. Starting a new short webcomic while I work on the long one.

Long comic—So in trying to unify the story better and tighten it around the essential human parts, I ended up hewing away a bunch of confusing and pointless plot-mechanical stuff and the short of it is that the heroine is no longer a subway operator. So obvs "Off the Rails" isn't gonna work anymore as a title. New title TBD.

Also, I'm doing a complete redraw of my old 24-hour comic "The Last Artist on Earth," in color, and I'm gonna post it as a twice-weekly webcomic starting Friday or Saturday. (I might accelerate that schedule if I get a good lead on the posting buffer). I know redoing something sounds like the opposite of progress, but having the story already laid out gives me a chance to focus on process and workflow and hopefully it can be a kind of dry run for the long comic. I've taken down the original version while that's going on.

So, I'll be moving operations to a more wide-umbrella blog soon.

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